Most events are for 1 adult ticket. All in studio events are $35 / person. All events are still bring your own beverage. Kids events are $15/child or see the 'Book a Private Party' tab for party rates. Most events begin at 6 pm unless otherwise stated. You can purchase an open event ticket to be used on any event by clicking the 'Shop Tipsee' option above, and purchasing a gift certificate. If you won a free paint event be sure to email us a to reserve your seat. Bring your voucher as verification.

Refund Policy

It is the Tipsee Artist's policy to allow all guests to have a fantastic experience, while there are no refunds, our guests will be given a credit towards a future event. The Tipsee Artist reserves the right to cancel, postpone and change a class/event in unforeseen circumstances. Registration fees are refunded when the event is cancelled by our studio. The Tipsee Artist is not responsible for arranging transportation so be sure to sip responsibly. GUESTS MUST BE 21 OR OLDER TO CONSUME BEER OR WINE.

There are no refunds or cash value on Gift Certificates...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I dress?

A - Dress in something you do not mind getting a little paint on. Aprons will be provided.

Q - Can I bring liquor?

A - No. We are here to have a great time, relax, and be creative. We only allow non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wine or champagne. No exceptions. We want to be responsible and keep you all safe.

Q - What if I am not very artistic?

A - No worries...we are here to have fun. Everyone's painting will be a unique piece on it's own. You are more than welcomed to return to hone in on your art skills.

Q - Do you do parties for children?

A - Yes we do. We ask that you fill out the inquiry form so that we have time to arrange the best possible experience for the kiddos.

Q - What do private parties include?

A - Click here for private party details.

Q - Can I bring food?

A - Yes.

Q - What type of paint do you use?

A - We use beginner friendly acrylic paint...we are all baby Picasso's in training. Occasionally we use tempera paint for kid events.

Q - How much does the class cost?

A - Pricing information is on the 'Event Calendar' tab

Q - Can I bring my minor child or teenager?

A - Yes. We will be sure to make them feel just a welcomed. There is a fee associated with a minor painter or observer.

Q - What if I do not have PayPal?

A - No worries PayPal accepts most forms of credit card and you can pay cash or credit in studio (PayPal account not required).

Q - Can you paint samples?

A - No we do not paint samples.

Q - Are you open on Sundays?

A - Yes.

Q - How often public paint events schedules?

A - We are the free spirited artsy types we gifted our schedules to the corporate Feel free to suggest a date/painting if you and a few other people really want to paint.

Q - How long are the sessions?

A - Normal session runs for 2 hours. If more time is needed please let us know (fee applies).

Q - Will someone be in the studio?

A - We are only in the studio when there is an event scheduled. If you'd like to meet to see the inside of the facility we can accommodate you. Please call the toll free number to set up an appointment.

Q - How many people can the studio hold?

A - We have two painting areas. Room A can hold approximately 28 in Room A and Room B can hold approximately 36.

Q - Can I just sit in and not paint?

A - Yes, but there is a fee of $15 associated.

Q - Can I bring my own canvases?

A - We do not allow outside art supplies. We have everything you need in order to complete your piece in studio.

Q - How far do you travel for Tipsee on the Go?

A - 50 miles without incurring additional charges.

Q - What is the difference between a $25 / $35 paint session?

A - $25 session a 12"x16" canvas (reserved for travel events only) and $35 is 16"x20" canvas.

Q - Can I bring my pet?

A - Only service animals are allowed in studio, and owner must maintain control at all times.

Q - Does the studio have WiFi?

A - Yes, please ask one of the staffers for the WiFi information.

Q - Do you reserve seats?

A - Typically we do not, please have a person from your group arrive early to reserve seats.

Q - Do you have a discount if I get more than 10 people?

A - No we do not.