In loving memory of my husband, soulmate and business partner


About Us 

Our Love for  Art

We have always been creative people and loved to do things with our hands, love wine, events, art shows,  paintings exhibits and an overall love of art museums/galleries. During our time in the military we believed that we should share our passion for simple pleasures with others.

So here we are two veterans, big dreams and wanting to share it all with you. Due to our love for museums, the arts, music and gallery hopping we thought it would be great to offer a fun environment in which we can have an ever changing museum of the beautiful creations that you...yes you create.

We support small if you own a small business let's support each other. Send your information to us at and we could see what we can do together to strengthen the community and the economy.

We look forward to seeing all of your artistic creations soon.